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                When the court raised for lunch it was 1.15 and      “I have the matter of a case to place before you”
         there  was  a  case  to  be  heard  in  the  chamber  at      Although  the  judge  was  alarmed  at  first  he
         1.30  which  was  followed  by  regular  sitting  at  quickly regained his composure and forbade.
         1.45.During the time passed he just could take two      “Only  at  the  court  will  the  matter  of  a  case  be
         or three idlies and some water. In the absence of     taken up. I am to hand over to police those who
         his  wife  he  couldn’t  have  his  usual  snack  in  the  come before me with the intention of influencing
         evening either. He only had a cup of tea brought      me. I do not hear such cases at all.”
         by the Sepoy from some wayside makeshift point.          “You, sir,cannot do so in this case of mine. I know
         And the tea was already cold when it was finally      that  you  are  the  one  who  sticks  to  justice  and
         served  in  a  cup  on  a  tray,  After  having  poured  it  compassionate at that.”
         from a flask he asked him to buy something heavy        The judge at first felt that this fellow can easily
         for  dinner.  He  brought  for  him  his  favorite    outstrip the lawyers in the matter of flattery. But
         idyappam  and  mutton  roast.  That  would  have      judge had already fallen for the praise showered
         gone stale by this time. It does not matter. It can   on him by the camel. That should be why he was
         be heated up in the electric oven. The judge rose     heard saying.
         from  his  study  and  slowly  walked  towards  the       “‘Alright,go on”’
         dining  hall.  Just  then  he  noticed  that  the         The camel started to narrate everything.
         policeman  dozing  off  in  the  outhouse.  His  is       “We were two. My girlfriend and I, we were born
         serious  dereliction  of  duty.  He  could,  if  he  so  and  brought  up  in  the  desert  of  Rajasthan.  We
         desired,  suspend  the  policeman  and  initiate      were stuck together like a grafted mango sapling
         disciplinary  action.  But  no,  it  is  not  warranted.  as  it  were.  Our  master  used  us  for  the  solitary
         After  all  it  is  late  night.  Still  he  did  not  sleep  by  purpose of bringing water from afar. We did like
         lying  down.  Not  only  that,  is  it  a  policeman  who  the job. We could drink a lot of water and munch
         protects  his  life  from  dangers?  -  The  judge    on  green  leaves  on  the  way  side  on  our  journey
         lamented. As expected the food was there on the       both ways. We could also chit chat and share our
         table. He took the vessel and put it on the electric  love. It was certainly a period of time when we felt
         oven.                                                 that  our  life  was  beautiful  indeed,  it  lacked
                       It  happened  all  of  a  sudden.  A  weird  cry  nothing at all. As we were thus chugging along, a
         coupled  with  a  strange  roar  was  heard  from  the  person  claiming  to  be  hailing  from  god’s  own
         oven.  No  sooner  had  he  opened  the  oven  after  country came up. He was in need of a camel to be
         turning  it  off  than  the  vessel  containing  mutton  used as a mascot in advertisements. He talked to
         roast fell off. Minced mutton scattered all over the  our master for a long time. He gave him a wad of
         floor. The pieces of meat on their own started to     currency  notes.  At  last  he  tried  to  pull  me  along
         band together and rose up as an outlandish beast      after reining me in with a rope. But I didn’t budge
         from the dead as it were. The judge was stunned       even a foot. It was just then that my master said.
         to see that it was metamorphosing into a camel.       It’d be hard for you to take him away all alone. He
         The  beast  continued  to  grow  until  it  filled  the  has a girlfriend. He doesn’t go anywhere unless he
         space  in  the  hall.  As  if  to  pay  obeisance  to  the  is accompanied by her. The man who came from
         judge, it struck its head on the ground and said.     god’s own country bought up the two of us.

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