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               The                                       The  judge  was  alone  in  his  bungalow.  His  wife  and
                                                         children had gone off to their ancestral village. He had
                                                         just  a  policeman  on  duty  for  his  security  and
                                                         assistance. He had entered his study room at 7 in the
               Judge                                     evening.  The  wide  table  top  was  stacked  with  case
                                                         files meant to be heard and decided the next day. He
                                                         was in the habit of going through them before going
                                                         to bed. He often had felt it to be a futile exercise. More
               and the                                   than half of the cases familiarized by him, would be
                                                         adjourned by the lawyers. And they would have their
                                                         own  reasons  for  doing  so.  But  the  habit  of  reading
                                                         upon the cases stayed with him. After a while he felt
               Camel                                     backache and he moved to the  sofa  nearby.  He  did
                                                         not  know  exactly  when  he  slipped  into  sleep  while
                                                         reading.  However,  when  he  woke  up,  it  was  already
                                                         midnight. Ordinarily this was not how things used to
                                                         be.  Everything  would  go  on  smoothly  when  he  had
                                                         wife and children with him; but today everything had
                                                         gone haywire. He felt quite thirsty.There was water in
                                                         the glass tumbler on the table. When he had drunk it
               K M Anthru                                he remembered that he had no dinner that day. The
               Excerpt from the book                     food for him would have been kept in lidded vessels
               The banana bunch and other stories
                                                         on  the  table  in  the  dining  hall.  Although  it  was  the
                                                         odd hour, he very much wanted to eat something; for
                                                         he had not enough food worth the name that day.

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