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The smell of lilac

          When  will  Nasiba  revive?  When  will
          she finally wake up from hibernation?

          - I have to get to my feet! She spoke to
          herself firmly. - How long will I lie like

          this?  I  completely  tormented  my
          parents. If I don't want to fight for my
          life,  what  can  doctors  do?  Do  not

          expect  miracles!  You  need  to  find  a
          miracle  in  yourself!  Or  should  others

          fight for you? Everyone is waiting for
          your recovery. And you can still walk.

          Do  you  hear,  Nasiba?  You  will
          definitely get on your feet. You, like a

          spring  flower,  will  delight  souls,
          caress the eyes of others. But your life
          will not be as short as a lilac. You will

          live  happily  ever  after!  Spring  has
          come       in     Nasiba's       soul.     Flowers

          bloomed,  birds  chirped.  Taking  one
          branch of lilac, she pinned it into her
          thick hair.

          The  girl  indulged  in  dreams  of  the
          litterateur april                                       85
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