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P. 84

The smell of lilac

          These  words  made  the  boy  really

          - If you talk such nonsense, I will not
          come to visit you again!

          The  girl  lay  down  and  turned  her
          back.  Ravshan  reluctantly  left  the
          room  in  silence.  Nasiba  did  not

          remember how long she lay like that.
          Finding  enough  strength,  she  got  up

          from the bed. She opened the curtain
          and  looked  back  into  the  yard.

          Interestingly,  spring  came  long  ago,
          and she was just looking at the world

          around her for the first time. A huge
          apricot  tree  has  long  fallen  out  of
          flowers and the leaves began to turn

          green. Basils appeared growing in the
          garden.  With  the  arrival  of  spring,

          everything  around  revived,  even
          those       ants      crawling        along      the
          windowsill            together,           carrying

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