Page 83 - April 2021
P. 83

The smell of lilac

          - Do not say that! You do not become
          a  limp!  You  will  see,  everything  will

          still  be  good!  You  will  still  run  ...  Do
          not persuade me! If you do, then only

          together!  Nasiba  looked  at  the  lilacs
          hanging  tenderly  over  the  vase.  On

          the     table      lay     lilac,    blue,      pink
          inflorescences  that  had  fallen  from

          the  bouquet.  The  girl  compared
          herself  to  this  flower.  Blooming  once
          and  spreading  the  fragrance  around

          the  neighborhood,  they  instantly
          fade.  As  if  embarrassed  by  the

          fragility,  the  branches  of  the  lilac
          bend down all the time. They are not

          grown in greenhouses like a rose or a
          carnation, which is destined to be on

          display windows for a whole year.
          -  What  are  you  thinking  about?  -
          Ravshan's question returned her into

          -  Yes,  nothing  ...  Ravshan,  I  can  no

          longer  stay  with  you.  Find  yourself
          another friend...
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