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The smell of lilac

          - My studies end in two months. Hope

          we see you at the prom? Give me your
          word  that  by  this  time  you  will

          already be on your feet. Then we'll go
          to  a  college  together.  We've  always
          dreamed about it?

          -  God  willing  ...  -  the  girl  smiled  with
          an  expression  of  slight  sadness.

          Nasiba is not a child, she saw despair
          in  her  father's  eyes,  her  mother's
          tears,  no  matter  how  much  they  hid

          those  from  her.  She  saw  the  doctors
          nod hopelessly as they examined her.

          - No Ravshan, don't wait for me ... Do
          it yourself ... You see ... - Nasiba broke

          down and burst into tears.
          Ravshan did not know how to comfort

          her,  unable  to  find  suitable  words.
          But, having gathered, all so and found
          words for support.

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