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P. 81

The smell of lilac

          But  this  visit  made  the  sick  girl

          especially         happy.        Because         her
          classmate, Ravshan, held in his hands

          a  whole  bunch  of  lilacs,  which,  like  a
          young  a  new  bride,  bowed  their
          beautiful  lilac  heads.  Her  favorite

          scent  filled  the  room  again.  The  guy,
          handing  the  bouquet,  wished  her  a

          speedy recovery and join back to her
          peers       again.      Their      noisy,     lively
          conversation,  reminiscent  of  the

          chirping of birds, amused Nasiba. She
          was        happy,         smiling         sweetly.

          Meanwhile,  her  mother  set  the  table
          and  treated  the  guests  with  pastries

          and hot tea.
          The  poor  mother,  seeing  her  joyful,

          smiling  daughter,  was  more  than
          happy.  The  classmates,  having  said
          goodbye, left the room, Ravshan was

          the last one to leave as usual.
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