Page 80 - April 2021
P. 80

The smell of lilac

          started  searching  such  a  familiar,

          such a favorite smell. Apparently, the
          wind  carried  away  the  scent  of

          flowers.  Oh,  if  someone  brought  a
          bouquet of lilacs, that would be great!
            The  girl  would  have  inhaled  enough

          of her favorite scent. Yes, sometimes
          it  happens.  Before  you  have  time  to

          think about something, it begins to be
          realized in reality. Today is a day off.
          And  her  classmates  came  to  visit.

          Spring  had  an  effect  on  them:  they
          were  all  kind  of  joyful,  smiling,  and

          bright clothes made them even more
          alive  in  Nasiba's  eyes.  During  these

          eight  months,  her  classmates  visited
          her  several  times,  all  the  time

          inquiring about her health.

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