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The smell of lilac

          The  morning  breeze  filled  the  room
          with  a  pleasant  scent.  The  girl  lifted

          her head from the pillow and inhaled
          the  fragrance  deeply.  What  is  this
          smell?  Nasiba  closed  her  eyes  and  a

          smile appeared on her face. The smell
          of  lilacs!  Yes  Yes!  This  is  a  pleasing

          heart, a beautiful flower caressing the
          gaze - lilac. The scent of these flowers,

          which grow in the courtyard of an old
          neighbor,         carries       over      to     the

          neighboring house.
          On  every  occasion,  Nasiba  wants  to
          run  to  that  flower  garden,  pick  up  a

          whole bunch of lilacs, and breathe in
          the inimitable aroma. But ... but now

          she is not able to do this, because the
          girl  has  been  bedridden  for  eight
          months.  Nasiba,  overcoming  her

          strength, was able to sit down on the
          bed.  She  tried  to  move  her  legs  in

          vain. Reaching out to the window, she
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