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P. 76

The Fox by the Fence

          Its  shrill  bark  was  sudden  in  the

          quiet. A summoning.
          I longed to rise from my seat to run.

          To  feel  the  snap  of  twigs  under  my
          bare feet, the cool air’s caress on my

          Though  it  was  invisible,  my  tether
          held fast and after a moment the fox

          coughed and dodged away. Alone and
          The  animals  roused  once  more,

          returning  to  their  foraging  and
          feasting  as  if  the  visitor  had  never

          Behind  me,  inside  the  house,  an

          infant’s piercing wail interjected, and
          I heaved a sigh. The night’s spell was

          The  house  pulled  me  back.  Back  to
          nappies and blurry-eyed feeds, bills to

          pay and never-ending chores.
          litterateur april                                       76
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