Page 30 - April 2021
P. 30

Finally, if I ask you to quote a few lines

          from  your  poem,  which  ones  would
          you quote?

                Regarding  the  evil  that  looms  over

          the  world,  today  the  pandemic,  but
          always hunger and wars, I remember
          a     text,       published         under        the

          pseudonym  of  Salvo  Marotta  in
          "Spiragli", Year XXIII, n. 1-4, when the

          bombing  for  the  destabilization  of
          Libya  was  underway,  but  it  also  fits

          this reality that we are living. The title
          is:  E  noi  indifferenti  (And  we,

          indifferent):  "...  /  And  we,  indifferent,
          are watching, / hoping that something
          at  least  will  happen,  /  maybe  other

          times  vivid  and  joyful!  /  Meanwhile,
          groaning  at  the  hissing  of  the  wind  /

          the young poplars of the street / and
          the  abused  branches  of  the  olive

          litterateur april                                       30
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