Page 29 - April 2021
P. 29

cooperating  for  a  good  that  we  all
          share. The task of literature is to build

          and  this  is  what  it  must  do  if  it  is  to
          regain the role it deserves.

          Do you believe that literature and the
          arts  can  bring  about  changes  in  man

          and give meaning to human values?
          Going  back  to  what  I  said  above,  I

          think  so!  Literature  and  the  arts  can
          do a lot. In a world that worships only

          the  god  of  money  and  has  lost  the
          meaning  of  life,  they  can  help  us
          rediscover  the  beauty  that  is  in  each

          of us with the aim of recovering that
          humanity that is currently dormant.

          Literature  and  the  arts  must  fulfill
          their  task,  that  is,  open  to  the  self,
          without forgetting others and look at

          the world with the eyes of those who
          appreciate  what  surrounds  them,

          those who give a true meaning to life
          and make it loved with respect for all

          and the environment.
           litterateur april                                      29
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