Page 28 - April 2021
P. 28

All  the  activities  carried  out  have
          given me the strength and the drive to

          continue         the     work        undertaken.
          Without any ambition, I can say that it
          has  kept  me  "alive"  and  active,

          despite certain difficulties that we all
          have. If you want to harvest, you have

          to sow! And that's what I'm still doing.
          I leave it to others to evaluate.

          In the post-Covid era, how do you see
          literature and the various movements
          in the world?

          This is a question that demands a firm

          and  resolute  answer.  The  post  covid
          era must not continue to condition, as
          we have seen in this pandemic period.

          It  is  necessary  that  literature  and
          cultural  movements  open  minds  in

          such a way that men become thinking
          beings again, aware of themselves and

          of others and, therefore,
          litterateur april                                       28
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