Page 27 - April 2021
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motivations  that  pushed  me  to

          publish  "Spiragli",  which  over  the
          years  has  consolidated,  landing  a  bit

          everywhere,  with  collaborators  from
          various parts of the world.

          To     these      motivations          has     been
          inspired       the     foundation          of    the

          "International          Center       of    Culture
          Lilybæum",  and  with  it  thesis  to

          promote,  through  various  initiatives
          (publications,          meetings,         cultural,
          conferences),              the          historical,

          archaeological,           literary,      dialectal,
          artistic       knowledge           in     all     its

          manifestations,  to  valorize  the  man
          and  the  environment  and  to  give

          luster to the land of Sicily.

          As  poet,  writer  of  prose,  essayist  and
          publisher has put its signature. Which
          one  do  you  think  has  given  you  the

          greatest satisfaction?

          litterateur april                                       27
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