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You  founded  "Spiragli.  Magazine  of

          art,  literature  and  science"  and
          "Lilybaeum".  What  pushed  you  to

          these initiatives?

          I  wrote  in  1989,  the  year  in  which
          "Spiragli"  began  publication,  in  Why

          this  magazine,  Year  I,  No.  1,  that  we
          felt  the  need  to  contribute  to  the

          improvement  of  society.  "In  a  period
          in  which  everything  seems  to  run
          towards  a  ruin  without  alternatives,

          and  materiality  is  rampant,  we  feel
          the  need  to  restore  those  healthy

          values of the past..." and even before
          that  "culture  is  an  indispensable

          element  of  the  democratic  life  of  a
          society  and,  therefore,  it  should  be

          increased and supported, because the
          swarming  of  ideas  is  openness,
          debate,       continuous         education         to

          social issues". These, in brief, are the
          litterateur april                                        26
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