Page 25 - April 2021
P. 25

Certainly,  the  name  Tarquinia  says  a
          lot  as  one  of  the  oldest  Etruscan

          settlements  and  the  relationship  it
          had,  until  it  was  conquered,  with  the

          Latin Rome.

          As  I  was  saying,  I  had  come  across

          Cardarelli  between  my  school  desks,
          in high school, and I must confess that

          he  was  one  of  my  favorite  poets,
          whom I looked up to with admiration.

          It  was  the  places  described,  the
          sketched  faces,  the  pensiveness,  that

          sententiousness  easy  to  notice  in  his
          lyrics that attracted me. Because of all
          this,  a  sort  of  emulation  was  born  in

          me,  then  a  young  student,  which
          slowly  opened  me  up  to  a  better

          poetic feeling and to my own path.

          litterateur april                                       25
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