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entitled,           precisely,           Vincenzo
          Cardarelli.  The  Etruscan  of  Tarquinia.

          (1989)  which  was  appreciated  and
          requested also by foreign universities.

          I was struck by his human story that,
          as  a  reflection,  goes  through  all  his

          work both in prose and in poetry, but
          also  by  his  classicism  in  a  period  (we

          are  in  the  first  half  of  the  '900)  of
          great  turmoil  of  innovations  and

          radical changes related to poetry.

          "The Etruscan of Tarquinia" gives rise

          to  an  interesting  argument  from  the
          point of view of a historian. How did it

          influence your poetic career?

          With  "Etrusco  di  Tarquinia"  I  refer  to
          him,  to  Cardarelli  who  was  born  in

          Tarquinia,        an     Etruscan        city    par
          excellence, in 1887, and this is what he
          wanted to be considered: an Etruscan.

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