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Can  you  recall  the  reaction  and  its
          reflection  on  you  once  your  First

          Album came out?
          At  the  time,  there  was  the  study  of

          the  classics  and  the  infatuation  with
          the  poets  dearest  to  me:  Dante,
          Foscolo, Leopardi, Cardarelli. It was a

          beautiful  season,  full  of  ideals  and
          many expectations, even if it fell in a

          sad family period due to my mother's
          illness.  I  considered  that  sylloge  of

          poems,  as  I  wrote  then  in  the  very
          short "Preface": "Glimpses of sky that

          carry  the  anguished  dreams  of  a
          young  man  who  understands  and
          knows how to understand... ".

          Tell us about your interest in Vincenzo

          My  relationship  with  and  interest  in
          Cardarelli       began       at     school       and

          continued  until  I  decided  to  go  to
          school  and  have  continued  until  I

          decided to write a monograph,.
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