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The        reality        is       that        mass
          communication is levelling everything

          and  the  politics  of  the  national  and
          regional  governors  do  nothing  to
          maintain  a  heritage  that  belongs  to

          the  people  and  is  identified  with
          them.  Little  or  nothing  is  worth  the

          efforts  of  individuals,  if  there  is  no
          common will to protect it and pass it

          on to the younger generations.

          Your debut as a poet was at the age of
          18.  How  were  your  studies  of
          philosophy  and  history  reflected  in

          your poetry?
          Poetry goes very well with philosophy

          and  history.  Just  think  that  many
          philosophers  in  ancient  times  wrote

          their  works  in  verse,  as  Empedocles
          did in the sixth century BC or Thomas

          Campailla  in  1700.  Both  disciplines
          have  their  focal  point  in  man,  and
          poetry is nothing but its explicitation;

          it goes deep, as Heidegger wrote.
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