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It must be said that, from the historical

         point of view, Sicily has been (and still
         is)  a  land  of  domination,  but  not  from

         the  cultural  point  of  view,  in  which  it
         has  always  had  the  lion's  share.  Here,

         under  Frederick  II,  was  born  the  first
         school  of  poetry  that  attracted  poets

         from  all  parts  of  Europe.  After  the
         death  of  the  Emperor,  however,  the
         Tuscans  appropriated  it  and  made

         havoc  of  it,  and  only  a  few  examples
         remained  intact.  Yet  Dante  called  our

         literary  language  "illustrious".  It  was
         restored in the first decades of 1300 by

         Frederick  III  and  here  and  there
         resumed by poets and writers up to our

         days.  We  remember,  for  example,
         Antonio  Veneziano,  Giovanni  Meli,
         Domenico Tempio, Alessio Di Giovanni,

         Nino  Martoglio,  Francesco  Guglielmino
         and  many  others.  The  list  of  Sicilian

         poets  and  writers  writing  in  Italian
         language  is  quite  long;  if  we  browse

         through  Italian  literature  we  will
         realize it.
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