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          Tell  me  about  Sicilian  history  and


          Talking  about  Sicilian  history  and
          literature  in  a  few  lines  is  not  easy.

          Sicily  is  a  small  island,  but  it  is  more
          than  a  continent  because  of  the
          history        and        culture         it     has

          accumulated over the centuries.

          Situated  in  the  middle  of  the
          Mediterranean, it has been a point of

          reference  and  has  attracted,  for  its
          fertility and beauty, people and artists

          from the West and the East who, like
          bees, left imprints that are still visible
          in art and poetry. See the monuments

          of all the ages or the writings on every
          field  of  knowledge  of  those  who

          considered themselves Sicilian, even if
          their origins came from far away.
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