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He  is  a  member  of  the  SIDEF  (Italian

          Society  of  Franciscans  -  Section  prov.
          of Palermo) and was awarded the title

          of  Academic  Honoris  causa  of  the
          Academy of Sicilian-Norman Monreale
          and Palermo. In 1989 he has received

          the  Prize  of  the  Culture  of  the
          Presidency of the Council of Ministers.


          Primo        albore        (Poems),         Palma-
          Agrigento, 1963;

          It is present with 17 poems in Motives
          of  our  time.  Poetic  Anthology  (edited

          by  C.  Messina  and  C.  Cangelosi),
          Palermo, Ila-Palma, 1968.


          The  letters  of  Maria  Clara  Neves,
          Palermo, Herbita, 1984.

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