Page 13 - April 2021
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However,            Postmodernism               era

           characterized  by  dualist  notions  ended
           and  a  new  era  with  monist  era
           commenced.  Thinkers  around  the  world

           called      it     as      Meta      modernism.
           Metamodernism              questioned           the
           universality  and  truthfulness  of  old
           modernism  and  the  fragmentation  and
           skepticism       of    postmodernism.         Meta

           modernism  tried  to  recreate  a  sense  of
           wholeness  that  allows  positive  change
           both locally and globally, characterized by

           an  oscillation  between  aspects  of  both
           modernism and post modernism.
           Going ahead with Covid pandemic smash
           which  reformed  the  borders  and  re-
           validated the oneness of human race, we

           should foresee that it is time to go beyond
           Meta  modernism.  Discrimination  over
           languages, countries, race, creed, color or

           gender has to diminish and borders in all
           segments of life redefined.
           Yes!  A Beyond Meta Modernistic period is
           evolving!  I am happy to propose - The era
           of Zeroism!  -New order of the Day

           litterateur april                                      13
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