Page 12 - April 2021
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Shajil Anthru


           We  are  in  a  world  disarrayed  with

           disasters.  True  it  is,  from  the  pages  of
           history,  every  trivial  change  in  the  world
           will find its replication in literature. Recall

           the  advent  of  post  modernism  in  the
           second  half  of  twentieth  century.  The
           World  War  II  brought  forward  a  new
           thought about humanity along with a deep
           sense  of  pessimism.  This  marked  the

           advent  of  postmodernism  when  some
           tried  to  break  away  from  the  ideals  of
           modernism.  But  the  conflict  continued

           within postmodernism and it also started
           to  weaken  as  an  intellectual  and  cultural
           Various  possibilities  have  been  put
           forward      after    postmodernism:          post-

           postmodernism,  new  materialism,  post
           humanism,          critical      realism,       dig
           modernism,             Meta           modernism,

           performatism,        post-digitalism,        trans-
           postmodernism, post-millennialism etc.

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