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P. 11

All  may  yet  be  well.  I  think  of  this

          language  as  the  language  spoken
          by  the  head  of  Orpheus  after  he

          has  been  assassinated  and  the

          head,  still  talking,  is  tossed  upon
          the water."


          I am your voice—It was tied in you
          —In me it begins to talk.

          I  celebrate  myself  to  celebrate

          every man and woman alive;
          I loosen the tongue that was tied in

          It begins to talk out of my mouth.

          [The  concluding  four  lines  are  by
          Walt  Whitman,  who  also  wrote,

          "Camarado,  this  is  no  book...I
          spring  from  the  pages."  Two

          italicized         phrases          are        from


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