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                Chris,                                            On the Road--

                at our age,                                       revolve around
                age                                               a person
                may be the constantly surprised                   who is closer to the real

                discovery                                         than we ourselves.
                that we have awakened                             the narrator is the bridge,

                to another day,                                   the mediator
                so that hope                                      between ourselves

                is the opening                                    and that reality.
                of our eyes                                       we do not think

                to the morning light                              of these stories as
                streaming                                         religious
                through the window.                               yet the figure at the center

                in his lapsed catholicism                         has to be Christ,
                and perhaps thinking                              the one whose suffering

                of Dante's Commedia,                              reconnects us to reality.
                Eugene O'Neill                                    narration

                remarked about Americans,                         brings us to Him,
                "we are tragedy."                                 the deeper consciousnes

                yet his great play,                               at the heart of the world.
                The Iceman Cometh,                                what is art
                takes place in a saloon                           if not the search

                owned by a man named Hope                         for the real
                and revolves around                               however illusory

                the anxious expectation                           however fictional
                of the appearance                                 however deceptive
                of a man                                          in its teasing,

                who will make everyone happy,                     just-around-the-corner
                though the man turns out to be                    sudden appearance

                a murderer.                                       and disappearance,
                so many fictions--                                like Harry Lime

                the Sherlock Holmes stories,                      when he finally shows himself
                The Great Gatsby,                                 alive

                Stein's Four Saints,                     97       in The Third Man.
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