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                 Except for her eyes,
                 Vivid, kind, and with a                     A great cathedral in New York

                 Hint of laughter in them,                   In this deeply Protestant country.
                 This "singing soubrette,                    The Irish became

                 Irish comedienne, and                       Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald
                 Comedy vocalist"                            Catholic priests
                 Is gone but for this one                    In the 1944 film, Going My Way.

                 Photograph.                                 Kitty Mills, I know,
                 Only her eyes                               Had her part to play in this story:

                 And the hint of a smile                     Kind eyes, a hint of a smile,
                 And her Irishness                           A song, a dance,

                 Give us a little.                           A woman anyone might love.
                 Nameless now,

                 She was part
                 Of the great Irish-
                 American awakening

                 That occurred
                 At the end of the 19th century

                 And the beginning
                 Of the twentieth

                 When the Irish
                 Redefined the stereotype

                 Of what it meant to be
                 A negative

                 Was turned to positive;

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