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                                                           Did the L'l Anjil

                                                           decide to do it on his own
                                                           or was there

                                                           the kartoonist

                                                           who made him do it?
                                                           I do not know

              You will notice, dear Offissa                since I yam only
              Pupp,                                        a multigendered

              that the ZIP in the cartoon                  kartoon kitty
              indicates that the brick was                 and the many lovink
              thrown                                       bricks I have endured

              and that the POW indicates                   may have injured
              that it hit its target, i.e.                 what few brains

              my headpiece.                                I have been gifted with.
              You will agree                               But I know this:

              that a thrown brick                          dear Offissa,
              indicates a thrower.                         you will note

              But we may ask                               our various colors,
              a fhilosophicalle question.                  me, you, the Mouse,
              Who is at fault?                             are any of us

              Is it the arm that threw                     white
              the missile                                  and when you removes

              or is it the word                            the hat
              that convinced the arm                       from the dazzle kartoonist

              to throw                                     does he look
              the brick?                                   white

              Or are they all at fault?                    either?
              Are we at fault                              How strange the world is.
              since we are almost                          O Ignatz,

              the only peoples in this                     hit me again
              Coconino County                              with the brick

              of Arizona?                                  that is
                                                           your heart!                    Litterateur
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