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P. 79

               He is unhappy
               And longs for the authenticity

               Of cotton fields and Mammy.
               I think these songs

               Were about the white
               Middle classes,

               The people that worked in the cities--
               In what Brecht called the "net" of the cities--

               And who were alienated
               From their bodies
               Because of the tasks they performed.

               The story of the African American's
               Supposed superiority in sexual awareness

               Comes perhaps from the uneasiness
               Of the white middle classes
               About their own bodies.

               They were a people
               Fascinated by syncopation

               By rhythm
               By "The Saint Louis Blues"

               By Gershwin, Waller, Lead Belly, Presley
               By anything that could connect them

               Back to their bodies
               By anything
               That made their bodies

               Sitting at a desk,

               In a little cubicle
               Where is the body located?

               These songs
               Saw the South

               As Body Heaven,
               The embrace of Mammy
               A healing

               Return to the womb.                       79                               Litterateur
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