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                the death of a police officer
                the deaths of so many black                  who picked up a fire

                men                                          extinguisher
                and women                                    to strike Officer Sicknick in a

                the deaths of so many police                 death blow
                officers                                     not even the president

                the anger that fuels a crowd                 who egged it all on
                the death of the young woman not even the rage he caused

                wearing the Trump banner                     what is there to say but
                (was it a life wasted?                       that Americans are killing
                were they all lives wasted?)                 Americans

                I don't know how                             for no goddamn reason
                to contain my tears                          that the country has entered

                I don't know how                             a period of total insanity
                to contain my tears                          that even the Americans

                for my country going mad                     who still love this blighted, sick
                for its murderous soul                       country

                the deaths                                   can do nothing but scream
                I can't tell you how many                    STOP!
                the violence

                the fear                                     or pick up a pipe
                the needless deaths                          or a fire extinguisher

                there are no martyrs                         or a rifle
                no one is to blame                           or a flag
                not even the fool                            and go out

                (or fools)                                   and kill too

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