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P. 62

                                              JACK FOLEY

               we set sail                                      to look out

               WE SET SAIL                                      TO LOOK OUT
               towards Nowhere                                  and anyway the fog

               TOWARDS NOWHERE                                  AND ANYWAY THE FOG
               from our port                                    is overwhelming

               FROM OUR PORT                                    IS OVERWHELMING

               in Nothing                                       foul air
               IN NOTHING                                       FOUL AIR

               the crew is frail                                is everywhere
               THE CREW IS FRAIL                                IS EVERYWHERE

               and incompetent                                  our compass
               AND INCOMPETENT                                  OUR COMPASS

               the right-handed first mate                      is lost
               THE RIGHT-HANDED FIRST                           IS LOST

               MATE                                             the captain is
               has lost his entire right arm                    THE CAPTAIN IS

               HAS LOST HIS ENTIRE RIGHT                        mad
               ARM                                              MAD

               and his left is functionless                     and unable to tell
               AND HIS LEFT IS                                  AND UNABLE TO TELL

               FUNCTIONLESS                                     north from south

               his speech is impaired                           NORTH FROM SOUTH
               HIS SPEECH IS IMPAIRED                           east from west

               and his vision blurred                           EAST FROM WEST
               AND HIS VISION BLURRED                           the weather is a constant

               no one dares                                     storm
               NO ONE DARES                                     THE WEATHER IS A

               climb the crow's nest                            CONSTANT STORM
               CLIMB THE CROW'S NEST                            and there are sharks in the

                                                                freezing water

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