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                                                                     IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORST   —Irish proverb
                                                                     AND THE WORST WAS WITH GOD

                (spoken) In the beginning was the worst, and the worst,
                The worst was with God.

                Lord, here are the winds that topple mountains
                Here are the floods that drown the best of us

                Here is the drought that drains the fountains
                Here is the shock that murders lust

                Here is the day the Bible warned of

                Here will the stars go all awry
                Here are the presences we are the scorned of

                Here are the lips that are drained dry

                Here are the Sidhe riding their horses

                Here are the devils up from hell
                Here are the insurmountable forces

                Here is the emptying of the well

                Here is the wreckage of the rod,
                In the beginning was the worst, and the worst--

                           the worst was with God

                [Note: "Sidhe" is pronounced "Shee." A "banchee" is a woman of the Sidhe.]

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