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F A T H E R   T O   S O N

                     J A C K   F O L E Y

                                                I spoke to my son of the rebirth
                                                of progressive political thought. I spoke to my son
                                                of possibility. I spoke to him
                                                of the hope for a more just, more loving
                                                world, of a new birth of the best aspects
                                                of the 1960s—so easily parodied or denied.
                                                I spoke to my son of a world
                                                my generation failed to give him
                                                and which I would have wished for him
                                                and his loving wife. I do not know
                                                what today will bring, perhaps a failure
                                                of our hopes, but hope is
                                                the sweet air in our lungs.
                                                I spoke to my son of the need for love

                                                                    November 3, 2020

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