Page 56 - Jack Foley | The true litterateur
P. 56

The animals are clamoring
                         The deer
                         The hawks circling
                         The squirrels
                         All the inhabitants of the zoo
                         The lions in the San Francisco Zoo
                         They are all making noises
                         The monkeys howl
                         Dogs and cats in the streets
                         The incredible coyotes
                         Strolling in the city
                         The fish

                         The whales
                         Even the tiny things, the ants, the bugs,
                         Even the living trees
                         That bend to the wind
                         Near the water
                         The ocean the sand
                         The monkeys
                         They are all muttering or crying
                         Or howling outright
                         And the animals that are people
                         The "mammal nation"--
                         All these creatures know

                         They clamor they "complain" (in the old sense)
                         That the poet McClure is gone
                         Though they cannot
                         tell you where

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