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wrote some of them, but if so that is an extremely limited

               of poetry
               is by its very nature expansive, passionate, interested, anxious to discover
               of itself
                at large in the world—
               this desperate obsessive need to talk—
               I walk through the house alone this morning—Song—
               —Dry island.   —Embattled sky.   —Voices of the sea.   —Strange flowering.
               To tell you the truth I enjoyed chasing after you. Perhaps we could do it a
               couple of times a month.
               passing by—her hands in her pockets—
               what are your hands
               to be one, to be only, to be lone—
               There was an electronic tuning test at the Bell System exhibit in Disneyland.

               By pressing buttons you could hear either a tone of fixed frequency or a tone
               whose frequency you could adjust, but not both at the same time. After you
               had matched the frequencies as closely as possible, the machine scored your
               performance. My wife,
               who is a musician, did much better than I.
               I sit in the car in the exact middle of the front seat. I hear the announcer’s
               voice as a compact sound source dead ahead, midway between the two
               speakers. As I move to the right the sound source at first becomes diffuse. As
               I move further right, all the sound clearly comes from the right-hand speaker

               [with the paragraph beginning, “I sit in the car,” my wife begins to speak. As
               she speaks the last lines she moves to the right]

               I have said that, if a sound reaches us with equal intensities from two
               sources, we hear all of it as coming from the nearer source if the difference in
               distance is about a foot
               or greater.     to dabble here—to wander—
               “i before e except after c” tested by the word “atheist”
               like cutting a path through the jungle
                                                                       with a bureaucrat

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