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                                               That arose in magic

                                                      As I drove home with Carl I could do
                                                      nothing  but  talk  about  the  lovely
                                                      young  woman  I  had  met.  Love  had
                                                      seemed  dead  in  me,  yet  here  it  was
                                                      springing  up  again--near  Christmas,
                                                      no less. I immediately wrote the poem

                                                      which follows, but I had no idea how I
                                                      could send it to her. It didn't seem like
                                                      a good idea to send it to her mother.
                                                      Its  title  was  taken  from  the  title  of  a
                                                      collection by Antonin Artaud:
                       Jack and Sangye

                                                             Sangye Land and Jack. Binh Minh
                                                               Quan Vietnamese restaurant in
                                                           Oakland. 2/20/17. Photo by Paul Veres.
                     34                                    Paul's sketch of Sangye is in the lower
                                                                     right of the photo.
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