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Turning point

                     Jack and Adelle Foley at Cody’s
                     Books, Berkeley, CA. 1988. Photo
                            by Rick Mahan.                welcome to the house of failure
                                                          see these are the structural bases of the

                                                          house its beams and arteries
                                                          its artificial light its hands its vast
                                                          who is
                                                          not here?
                                                          the range of things
                                                          delights us welcome welcome

                                                          see there is the door it opens for us

                                                         As  it  happened,  the  Native  American
                                                         writer  Gerald  Vizenor,  whom  I  knew
                                                         through a course sponsored by Ishmael
                                                         Reed's  Before  Columbus  Foundation,
                                                         was  also  about  to  do  a  poetry  reading.
                                                         Gerry's  reading  was  to  be  at  The
                                                         California  College  of  Arts  and  Crafts  in
                                                         Oakland. I told him about my upcoming
                                                         reading with Ivan and he suggested that
                                                         I read with him as well. The organizer of
                                                         Gerry's  reading  phoned  me  asking
                                                         whether  I  would  like  to  be  on  for  a  half

                                                         hour. I told her fifteen minutes would be
                                                         fine.  She  told  me  that  there  would  be
                                                         "other,  less  well-known  people  on  the
                                                         bill."  I  didn't  tell  her  that  it  would  be
                                                         pretty  hard  to  find  someone  "less  well-
                     The Marquis Who's Who               known" than I was! I suggested that Ivan

                                                         be included in the reading. My idea was
                                                         that Ivan could hear me and if he didn't
                                                         like  what  he  heard,  he  could  skip  the
                                                         Larry Blake's reading, no hard feelings.

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