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New Horizons

                                                       Partly  through  the  good  offices  of
                                                       Charles  Amirkhanian  at  KPFA,  I  was
                                                       listening to experimental music as well
                                                       as     reading     experimental       poetry.
                                                       Charles  Ives'  Concord  Sonata  and  his

                                                       book,  Essays  Before  A  Sonata  were
                                                       enormous  influences,  as  were  his
                                                       songs.  I  first  heard  Lou  Harrison  on
                                                       KPFA and was able to attend several of
                                                       his concerts at near-by Mills College. I
                                                       had     acquired      Kenneth      Rexroth's
                                                       wonderful  edition  of  D.H.  Lawrence's
                                                       poetry in Ithaca. Now I was reading

                     Rexroth's poetry and listening to him on KPFA. My friend Ed Michel
                     gave me a collection of records he had produced, so I began with
                     great excitement to listen seriously to jazz. Eisenstein's essays were
                     also  tremendously  exciting,  as  was  Abel  Gance's  marvelous
                     "polyvision" film, Napoleon, which Adelle and I saw at The Avenue
                     Theater  in  San  Francisco.  I  haunted  UC  Berkeley's  Pacific  Film
                     Archive and, centering on Alfred Hitchcock, published a few essays
                     on  film.  (Gary  Morris,  the  editor  of  Bright  Lights  magazine,  was  a
                     constant  supporter  of  my  work  in  this  area.)  I  began  to  think
                     seriously  about  the  art  of  painting.  Clyfford  Still's  abstractions
                     fascinated me. A 1977 exhibition of Jess's work at the UC Berkeley
                     University  Art  Museum  had  an  enormous  impact.  Through  Jess,  I

                     discovered  Max  Ernst  and  all  the  people  to  whom  Jess  referred  in
                     his  multilayered  paintings.  Kandinsky's  paintings  and  his  book,
                     Concerning The Spiritual In Art, were powerful expressions. Etc.

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