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                                               "We're  driving West."

                                                Adelle and I were almost exactly the same age (I
                                                was 6 days older) but she had skipped a grade,
                                                so she was a year ahead of me. After graduation
                                                from  Goucher,  she  entered  graduate  school  at
                                                Cornell.  We  lived  together  for  a  short  time  and
                                                were  married  in  Foley  Square  in  New  York  City
                                                on  December  21,  1961,  the  longest  night  of  the

                 Jack & Adelle wedding photo.
                  Photographer: Weitzmann.
                      September, 1961

                                                                        Tom Jones photo
                                                           Adelle and Jack in costume for a production of a
                                                            musical Jack co-wrote with Warren Wechsler
                                                          (music) and Michael Abrams and Stephen Sahlein
                                                         (book). Jack sang a song and performed a tap dance
                                                                with steps taught him by his father.
                                                            June, 1962. Photo perhaps by Bryn Matthews.

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