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Moments of Stardom

                 “And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within
                     the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into
                                   space.”― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

                                                                   High School
                                                                  Yearbook photo

                     When  I  was  in  high  school  a  male  teacher  took  an  interest  in  me.He
                     taught gym and English literature and was responsible for school plays.
                     He knew of my interest in musicals and once hinted that he was planning
                     to cast me in the lead in Carousel, but the production never materialized.

                     Though  my  high  school  never  put  on  its  production  of  Carousel,  Port
                     Chester  did  afford  me  two  moments  of  stardom.  The  first  of  these
                     involved  my  father.  I  have  some  talent  for  drawing.  Since  my  father
                     worked  for  Western  Union,  he  had  the  addresses  of  various  famous
                     people. At his suggestion, I drew pictures of President Eisenhower and
                     sports  announcer  Bill  Stern.  My  father  then  sent  the  pictures  to  the
                     people I had drawn, hoping that they would greet me as a young Picasso.

                     I received a letter from Eisenhower's press secretary and another from
                     Stern himself. This was written up in the local paper, The Daily Item, as
                     "Local Boy Receives Letter From President." There was a photograph of
                     me with my easel; it was featured the next day in my high school home
                     room.  I  thought  it  strange  that  the  reporter  who  wrote  the  story
                     interviewed only my father, not me. The story rhapsodized, "Who would
                     be next in a boy's heart to the president -who but a figure from the world
                     of sports?" Who indeed.

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