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P. 14

Publicity photo of  young
                                                                John Harold Aloysius,Jack Foley's Father
                                                                            (on the left).

                                                               This team may have been Foley and Girard.

                then  to  Western  Union,    which
                eventually  made  him  manager  of
                the  Port  Chester  branch.  He
                claimed  that  the  sound  of  the
                telegraph key reminded him of tap
                dancing.  Recently  I  came  upon  a
                clipping,  a  review  of  one  of  his
                performances it refers to him as a
                "great"  dancer.  Since  childhood  I
                have     collected     recordings     of
                vaudevillians:       Cohan,       Harry
                Lauder,  Nora  Bayes  and  Jack
                Norworth,  Gallagher  and  Shean,
                many  others.  All  these  recordings
                bring  me  closer  to  my  father,
                whose  performing  days  were  long
                past when I knew him.

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