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                                              Jack Foley about  his father

               Once, in the hospital:

               "I got all charged up
               and danced up the hill

               and fell on the ice--

               that's what got me here"

               he found it funny

               that the very things
               in which he delighted most

               drink and dance

               (he was Irish after all)

               laid him low

               he was the moving glamorous shadow                                             photo, ca 1953,
                                                                                               Port Chester,
               that stayed in the spotlight                                                     New York.

               of my childhood
               and moves in me still

               as I sing
               as I dance

               as I sing

               as I dance
                                                                                 Jack Foley's father’s
                                                                                 mother (left) and his
                                                                                 sister, May. From the
                                                                                1920s? Probably Elmira,
                                                                               New York. Photographer

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