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                                      Jack Foley's Father
                                     John Harold Aloysius
                                   ("Jack") Foley: 1895-1967.

                                                        Jack Foley

                  Before my birth, my father had been a tap dancer in vaudeville. As a soldier in France, he
                             wrote a song in French. I wrote this poem in response to his song.

                     c’est le jour                                        it’s the day
                     des papas                                            of papas
                     le jour de                                           the day of
                     ceux qui dit                                         those who say
                     “Mon fils”                                           “My son”
                     ou “Ma fille”                                        or “My daughter”

                     sérieusement                                         seriously
                     le jour de ceux                                      the day of those
                     qui ont les barbes                                   who have beards
                     ou peut-être                                         or perhaps
                     qui n’ont pas les                                    who don’t have beards
                     barbes                                               it’s the day
                     c’est le jour                                        of papas
                     des papas                                            who dance
                     qui dansent                                          and of papas
                     et des papas                                         who no longer dance
                     qui ne dansent plus                                  the day of fathers
                     le jour des pères                                    (pères)
                     et des poires                                        and of pears (poires)
                     Bonjour, papa                                        Hello, papa

                        The “pères” / “poires” pun is from Alfred Jarry’s play, Ubu Roi (“Père,
                                    Father Ubu”—but he is pear / poire-shaped).

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