Interview of K M Anthru with his son Shajil Anthru

K M Anthru Founder Editor

KM Anthru is the eighth son of Kottayil Moideen Sahib and Perumbalam Kallidumkadavil Kunjomma. He was born on April 2, 1937. In 1956, while he was a student, he worked with his classmate Enadi Ramachandran to bring out a Malayalam magazine “Nalathe Pookal” (Flowers of Tomorrow). He published a series of short stories and articles in the various media such as Kerala Bhushanam, Kerala Kaumudi, Kerala Dhwani, Malayala Manorama, Kala Kaumudi, Prabhatham and Bharatabhoomi. He strongly attacked the social evils and immoralities around him through writing.

His first story ”Pathiriyum Kozhiyirachiyum” was published in 1957. Until 1970 he was very active in the literary world. At that time he was writing under the name Kanjiramattom Anthru.

His first article,”Sahitya Vazhakkukal” (Literary Fights) was a series of reviews of secondhand rhetoric and symbolism in literature.

After completing his education at Kanjiramattom Government Lower Primary School, St. Ignatius High School and Maharaja's College, he worked at Poona Defense Account Office, the Pension Pay Master's Office at Thiruvananthapuram and then as Station Master at the Indian Southern Railway.

But in the 1970s, his focus shifted to another area related to the workplace.

The All India Station Masters Association is an association of station masters in railways. Formed in 1953, the organization went through its strongest fighting days in the 1970s and '80s. KM Anthru was the Zonal President of the Southern Railway All India Station Masters Association at that time. He worked tirelessly for those with him and those who worked in lower positions.
Even after his retirement, he continued to work for the railway staff. Service Matter column titled "Doubts Resolution" on the front page of "Rail Dhwani".

Thereafter he settled in Kochi and started handling cases of railway employees. He proved himself as an successful advocate in high court and central administrative tribunal.

He was very active in literature in the 1950s and 1960s. There is is no need to look for any other reason why he went back a little in that regard until the 2000s. He was giving up his own talent and voice for his fellow employees, downtrodden and particularly to the society through his role as a compassionate organization leader.

Anthru, who shifted several houses during his lifetime could not preserve his published and unpublished literary works. But with the help of many, Anthru recollected some published stories. Eight stories were selected from those treasures. KM Anthru's first book was published in 2004 under the title "Pullikkuyilum, Panineerpoovum, Oru Snehabandhavum"

Dr. Sebastian Paul wrote the introduction. In 2003, he made a far-sighted observation. "Anthru has built a hut next to the four blocks of the story like the invader in the outer block ... I'm sure he cannot be let down easily..."

One wonders why KM Anthru, who has been writing stories since 1958, did not consciously or even reach the Milky Way, the awe-inspiring Milky Way.
When the collection "Pullikuyilum, Panineerpoovum, Oru Snehabandhavum" was published in 2004, no one expected the return of Anthru. He was like a newcomer who is slowly falling in love with storytelling. From 2006 he started writing stories to the amazement of everyone. In the early days, most of his stories and articles were published in the Kerala Bhushanam newspaper. Malayalam literature was later seen by KM Anthru as a flash of impossible possibilities.

In 2010 he published a collection of short stories, "The Judge and the Camel". In 2015 he wrote "Vazhakula (not Changampuzha's)" , in 2016 he wrote "The Banana Bunch and other stories", and in 2017 he wrote "Padmashree". He also published a collection of scholarly essays named “Doorakazchakal” also during this time.

In the meantime, he won the Narmakairali hasa sahitya Award in 2014 and the Govind Rachana Award of the Navarasam Sangeet Sabha in 2015. Unexpectedly in 2017 when he started publishing a collection of essays titled "Prathibharenukkal" which would have been the most notable in Malayalam literature, Anthru become sick and bedridden.

The book Prathibharenukal was published in 2018, proving that literature is a medicine that can cure any disease. The articles in Prathibharenukal are a detailed study of some of the most overlooked authors and works. This book will be a reminder not only to the students of Malayalam literature but to all.

Then in 2019 he became notable for his stories “Thoovalsparsham”( Feather touch). A collection of complete works by KM Anthru is set to be released in 2020.
K M Anthru is the founder and managing editor of Litterateur redefining World, which acclaimed a notable position in the World literature in a short span.